PhoneGap App Development

PhoneGap App Development

You have made a wise choice if you are aiming to target both Android and iOS audience for your app. Hiring PhoneGap App Development company is the exact and efficient way for cross-platform mobile app development, leveraging you the omnipresence for diverse kinds of audience.

Development with PhoneGap is also “Friendly” and “Futuristic” Friendly, because it supports 8 different mobile platforms, comprising iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, webOS, Symbian, Samsung Bada and Tizen. And it can also easily communicate with backend services written in any language (PHP / ASP / JSF / Java / .NET, etc.) using network protocols (XmlHTTPRequest, WebSockets, etc.) It’s Futuristic, because it is an open source meaning there will be constant evolutions and additions of new modules that are continually being developed.

Advantage of PhoneGap App Development

  Expertise across a number of languages namely C, Java, .net and Silverlight

  Expertise in mobile app development for business utility to games.

  On-time delivery.

  24X7 assistance.

  Hassle-free communication.

  Easy access to assistance even after project delivery.

  Thorough documentation.