Core Pillars of Oceans Technologies


The fundamental difference between men and businesses is not in the amount of resources available to each, but simply in the quality of vision each individual or business is willing to commit to.

Pratik Kakadia



Global entrepreneur with core experience of 8 years in different sector like finance, real estate, menufeturing and information technology. With his deep insight in all sector, through market research and mission to provide good solutions globally. He has key skill to provide effective guidance for each level of organization to explore business.

Kumar Gaurav

Public Domain Expert


Mr. Kumar Gaurav is engaged with many public sector organizations on managing position. He is deeply involved in helping poor people, as in young age, he is focusing on industry which helps people to fulfill their financial need and for their skill development. He helps more than thousands of people in financially on daily basis.

Hetang Shah

Financial Advisory & Compliance Consultant


He has more than 20 years of reach experience in field of finance & strategic management. He has been mentor to so many startup & mid level organization. His high level experience lead to convert mid level organization into professional run conglomerate. He is expert in financial market, strategic management etc.

Bhavin Vora

IT Delivery Manager


Bhavin has 13 years of experience in fields like embedded electronics, mentoring IT solutions, product development, outsourcing, Project management, team building, team leading in mobile & web technologies. Bhavin holds technical development, project execution & project coordination responsibilities at Oceans Technologies.

Miral Vankawala

IT Delivery Manager


Miral has experience in software development with different technology, team leading and project management. Hi is an accomplished IT Project Manager with strong technical background, who seamlessly adopts new technologies in building efficient and productive project development process systems for the overall growth of the organization.

Professional & Creative Team


Our Professional Team is a knowledge-based group which bid to provide best and wide spectrum of corporate services at one stop. We wish to initiate yourself as a destination where all paths in a hunt for corporate solutions end.

Expertise 17000 hours
Big Data Development
Expertise 25000 hours
IoT Development
Expertise 54000 hours
Web Development
Expertise 20000 hours
Cloud Solution
Expertise 45000 hours
Mobile App Development
Expertise 67000 hours
Designer (2D & 3D)



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